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LIFT Clinic & Coach Amanda Lim are a one-stop shop for your medical & wellness needs.
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Coach Amanda Lim

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Taking the first step can be tough.  Talk to me if you're unsure about which LIFTING WOMEN community is best for you, what's included in your coaching package, or how you can customise a package to better address your personal goals.

You're one step closer to getting lifted!


Don't let hesitation & questions stop you from taking the next step toward your fitness & nutrition goals.  Here's what others have asked about my programs:

  • What's the difference between LIFTING WOMEN community coaching & transformative personal coaching?
    The main difference is the level of personal support you get from me - and how it's delivered. I moderate each of my LIFTING WOMEN communities (weight loss, prenatal, postpartum, peri/menopause and optimal wellness) every day, and I check in with all my clients personally on a weekly basis. My Transformative Personal Coaching clients also receive 1-on-1 video coaching calls, 7-days-a-week video & text messages from me, and intensive program customisations including real-time workout modifications, restaurant menu review, grocery shopping product recommendations, and other individualised information sharing relevant to your specific situation, conditions, and/or goals.
  • What if I can't perform the workouts you assign?
    Not to worry - based on your LIFTING WOMEN community selection (weight loss, prenatal, postpartum, peri/menopause, or optimal wellness) and intake form, I'll make sure you receive a program that meets you where you are, and takes you where you want to go. Whether you have access to a gym, or prefer workouts you can do without or with minimal equipment at home, I got you covered with my On-Demand workout libraries (think bodyweight-only workouts for travel, or meditation/mind-body workouts for those days when you just can't face the gym), all included with my coaching memberships. Remember - my programs work around you, not the other way around.
  • How does the nutrition coaching work?
    LIFTING WOMEN community members will receive access to my customised, macro-matched daily nutrition program, which provides you over 100 recipes specifically tailored to your calorie and macronutrient target. You'll also be able to share meals and recipes within the LIFTING WOMEN chat groups - and get feedback from me there! Transformative Personal Coaching clients will have a one-on-one video consultation to determine a lifestyle-specific nutrition approach, including access to the macro-matched program detailed above. You will also have daily check-ins with me reviewing your photo food log and nutrition habit tracker, as well as personalised grocery shopping help, restaurant menu review, and ongoing adjustments as needed.
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