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The nitty-gritty on your onboarding, what your workouts and meal plans look like, and how a coach has your back.

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First, I get to know you.

We start with a comprehensive intake form, or if you'd like more personal touch, I recommend you book a Power Hour video coaching consultation.

I take every detail you give to me and design a customised exercise and nutrition program, all of which is delivered through your personal dashboard on my Coach Amanda Lim app.

You'll also be invited to join the LIFTING WOMEN community matched to your season in life.

Next, we get down to work.

You get a daily meal plan with over 100 delicious recipes, macro-matched to your nutrition target & monitored with my in-app food tracker.

I create step-by-step workouts just for you, modified and progressed as needed, specific to your goals, abilities, and available equipment.

You'll also have the real-time support of LIFTING WOMEN just like you, and achievement reminders to keep you motivated and focused.

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No matter what, I'm here.

Yeah, it's really me.  Only me.  Always.  I wouldn't put my name on something that wasn't my direct, personal, professional coaching service.

And if you go on holiday, get sick, change jobs, fall pregnant, go through menopause, or any host of changes that happen as life happens - I'm here.  We work through it.  We thrive. 

My weekly "deep dive" check-ins are more than just tickboxes or comments - they're how we chat, connect & make real change.  Together.


I trained clients in-person from 2006-2022 - 16 years, working with over 200 individual clients.  And I wish I knew then what I knew now: that seeing someone in-person for 1-3 hours per week pales in comparison to knowing every specific detail about your goals, your challenges, your diet, your steps, your sleep habits - you know, the 165+ hours you spend outside the gym; the ones that really determine whether you will succeed or fail long-term. 

Here are the top six reasons I prefer online coaching to the typical personal training approach:


Accessibility & Convenience

  • Get your training and nutrition plans delivered straight to you, eliminating the need for travel, appointment setting, rescheduling, commute times, etc - a better fit for busy people & SAHMs 

  • The 24/7 convenience factor of being able to check in with your coach, view programming, nutrition protocols, etc anytime, right from your phone 



  • Typically, an in-person trainer "gives you a workout" (best case scenario; a pre-planned one, but rarely do they have a long-term plan for you in mind). An online coach prescribes an entire training block (6-12 specifically designed weeks of progressive workouts) built around your preferences, equipment access, schedule, goals, injury history, medical history, etc.  You are never left wondering "what to do" on any day of the week - even rest days!

  • You still have access to messaging, video chat, and real-time training tips from your coach clients to assess form/technique and empower you to train on your own.


Cost Effectiveness

  • Let's break it down: one personal training session (from a well-qualified trainer) will run you roughly $150-180 per session. Most dedicated clients book 1-3 sessions per week - meaning you’re paying anywhere from $600-$2160 per MONTH for a few hours of exercise per week.

  • My LIFTING WOMEN program is only $150/month, and my TRANSFORMATIVE 1-ON-1 program is $1000/month (and yes, includes an in-studio personal training session!).  With both programs, you're getting workouts 7 days a week, a full nutrition plan, weekly or daily check-ins from me, and habit strategy on sleep, hydration, work-life balance, and more.

  • If professional guidance, education, accountability, community and results matter to you - consider where you're spending your wellness dollar.



Continuous Accountability

  • In person training can offer accountability in the sense that you need to show up for your session - but the accountability usually ends there, and we all know that whatever you do for 1-3 hours per week is outweighed by what you do at home, in the kitchen, at work, etc.

  • With my programs, I check in with my clients either daily or weekly (depending on which program) to report strengths, struggles, adherence, training progress, biofeedback, nutrition data, etc - the true building blocks of long-term success.



  • All my LIFTING WOMEN members can connect with a network of like-minded individuals in their similar stage of life for additional support and community.

  • Group chats and challenges in the online setting can bring you closer to other fit women in a safe, positive setting that just passing each other in the gym after a personal training session would never do.


Sustainability & Long-Term Results

  • Online coaching allows you to foster habits and routines that lead to long-term lifestyle changes for sustained health and wellness.  It is the opposite of a "quick fix" formula - it is the long game, that can mature, grow and develop as you do.

  • While in-person training can teach you a series of exercises, online fitness and nutrition coaching provides the tools and support for you to integrate health and fitness into your actual life - forever.

  • My LIFTING WOMEN, LIFTING MAMAS, and T101 programs are all designed with flexibility and growth in mind - following you through life's transitions and allowing for progressions, regressions, and change. There is no "one size fits all" here - coaching meets you where you are, now.

If you're ready to GET LIFTED, let's go.

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