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The nitty-gritty on your onboarding, what your workouts and meal plans look like, and how a coach has your back.

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First, I get to know you.

We start with a comprehensive intake form, or if you'd like more personal touch, I recommend you book a Power Hour video coaching consultation.

I take every detail you give to me and design a customised exercise and nutrition program, all of which is delivered through your personal dashboard on my Coach Amanda Lim app.

You'll also be invited to join the LIFTING WOMEN community matched to your season in life.

Next, we get down to work.

You get a daily meal plan with over 100 delicious recipes, macro-matched to your nutrition target & monitored with my in-app food tracker.

I create step-by-step workouts just for you, modified and progressed as needed, specific to your goals, abilities, and available equipment.

You'll also have the real-time support of LIFTING WOMEN just like you, and achievement reminders to keep you motivated and focused.

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No matter what, I'm here.

Yeah, it's really me.  Only me.  Always.  I wouldn't put my name on something that wasn't my direct, personal, professional coaching service.

And if you go on holiday, get sick, change jobs, fall pregnant, go through menopause, or any host of changes that happen as life happens - I'm here.  We work through it.  We thrive. 

My weekly "deep dive" check-ins are more than just tickboxes or comments - they're how we chat, connect & make real change.  Together.

If you're ready to GET LIFTED, let's go.

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