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LIFTING WOMEN isn't just a motto; it's our mission.
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M.A., M.Ed., Certified Coach & Nutritionist

Sixteen years ago, I started a personal training business in California to share what I'd learned as a competitive athlete and educator with women who needed help and support reaching their wellness goals.


Several businesses, two kids, and one overseas move later, I run a comprehensive Singapore-based fitness and nutrition coaching business that helps women all over the world reclaim their power as athletes, mothers, and the healthiest, most thriving versions of themselves.


Whether you're looking to lose weight, stay fit during your pregnancy, rebuild your postpartum core, navigate the hormonal throes of menopause, or simply reach the next level in your wellness lifestyle - I'm ready to get you there with my bespoke coaching and LIFTING WOMEN support community.

LIFTING WOMEN isn't just a motto; it's my mission. Let me join you along the next steps of your personal wellness journey.


Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer

As a lifelong athlete (ice hockey player, snowboarder, and long-distance cyclist and triathlete), I was shocked to learn that during my pregnancy with my son, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  As a seemingly-healthy person, it was a huge wake-up call for to start thinking seriously about my nutrition and making some pretty big lifestyle changes.

I was able to lose my 20KG of pregnancy weight after both of my kids, and it inspired me to help other women develop strategies to do the same - through a combination of hard work, proper nutrition, and education about a healthy lifestyle, in the gym and beyond.

During COVID, I was able to develop my passion for health and fitness into a career, focusing on helping other women - and especially new mums - feel energised and strong in their bodies.  My kids are now 9 and 6, and I am proud to demonstrate healthy habits for them at home and at work.


believe, personally and professionally, that strength training is essential for women at all ages and all stages, which is why I am proud to work with Coach Amanda to promote the LIFTING WOMEN mission and motto. 


Feeling strong on the outside makes us feel strong on the inside.  As women, we are privileged to go through the experiences of childbirth, menopause, and if we're lucky, making it to old age - and I'd love to help you move though all of those stages strong, healthy, and of course - looking fabulous!  Click below to book a studio session with me at LIFT Clinic.

Meet Cressida Martin, CPT
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